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Crocodile Tears department

“…In response to the news, US Vice-President Dick Cheney said he regretted every US casualty in Iraq….”

BBC report on 4,000 US casualties
, 3/24/08

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Iraq, $5,000 Per Second?

March 23, 2008, NYTimes, p. WK 10
Nicholas D. Kristof, Op-Ed Columnist

The Iraq war is now going better than expected, for a change. Most critics of the war, myself included, blew it: we didn’t anticipate the improvements in security that are partly the result of last year’s “surge.”

The improvement is real but fragile and limited. Here’s what it amounts to: We’ve cut our casualty rates to the unacceptable levels that plagued us back in 2005, and we still don’t have any exit plan for years to come — all for a bill that is accumulating at the rate of almost $5,000 every second! Continue reading

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Bush to Phase Out Environment by 2009

The Borowitz Report, 3/23/08
Declares War on Prairie Dogs

President George W. Bush confirmed today that his gutting of the Endangered Species Act is part of a broader plan to phase out the environment entirely by the time he leaves office in January of 2009.

“In addition to cutting taxes, it has been the goal of this administration to cut our wasteful, bloated environment,” Mr. Bush said in a speech before the Association of Indiscriminate Applauders in Washington, D.C.

In his speech, Mr. Bush added that the EPA would henceforth be renamed the Environmental Prevention Agency. Continue reading

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Is It A Problem If The Democratic Primary Goes To The Convention?

by Jason Rosenbaum March 8th, 2008 at The Seminal

The Democratic primary season continues on without a nominee in sight, while Republicans have a nominee in John McCain. Most people I’ve talked to are split on whether a long primary season for the Democrats will hurt the eventual nominee’s chances in the general.

On the one hand, there are those that believe that a vigorous internal debate within the Democratic party – with more primary voters getting a chance to weigh in – will strengthen the party as a whole. And of course, as kos pointed out, the continued primary makes it hard for John McCain to get any press.

On the other hand, while Clinton and Obama spend millions on media attacking each other, McCain can quietly consolidate the Republican base, plan his campaign, fundraise, and get his ground game started. When we do have a nominee, they will be starting off weeks or months behind.

Of course, I’m not comfortable calling for either candidate to withdraw before they have locked up the nomination, but the question of whether a drawn-out primary is good for the Democratic party is an important one. To get some perspective, I examined the primaries of both parties for Presidential elections going back to 1972. I was specifically looking for information on when candidates from each party locked up their respective nominations and how they fared in the general election afterwards.

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