Daily Activism

I know we all live very busy lives. Work. Kids. Household chores. Hobbies. And it’s easy to think that you can leave activism up to others: some else will do it, not me. But believe me, you cannot sit this one out. If you don’t take action the Radical Right will destroy this great country and all that it stands for—equality, tolerance, and freedom. We cannot gamble away our proud nation. Your children’s future rests on your shoulders. I want my country back!

Becoming an activist is easy. Choose you level of activism. Find a level that suits your needs and commit. At the very least sign up at MoveOn.org to receive information. Let your voice be heard!

VOTE in all local, state, and national elections. Every Vote counts!
Wear a political button on your person, purse, your gym bag.
Read a book like MoveOn’s 50 ways to Love your Country.
Watch less television.
Explore other media outlets like National Public Radio or C-Span.
Tell people not to watch FOX News.
Sign up with an organization like MoveOn.org to receive emails about current issues so that you can stay connected.
Sign email petitions and forward them to friends and family.
Donate money to the DNC or other similar causes.
Write an email and or letter to your Representatives and Senators at the state and national levels. Write a letter to the editor of you local newspaper.
Volunteer at a political phone bank center.
Go to a lecture. Participate in a rally or perhaps a protest.
Attend a local school board meeting or town hall meeting.
Volunteer with a political campaign.
Run for office.
Talk to people you meet about politics.

Break out of your circle.
Start up a conversation with a fellow citizen at the supermarket.
Tell them to become engaged in activism.
Influence the 30% of politically unengaged Americans who are moderates like you.
Teach them how to get involved, as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Give them the empowerment to make a difference!

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