Kucinich Campaign in Pennsylvania

Hi Everyone!

As the holidays wrap up and 2008 is upon us, we are gearing up the Kucinich campaign in Pennsylvania.

I have set up a Pennsylvania conference call for organizing and discussing ideas to get this campaign going in PA. The conference call will be weekly, taking place Monday evenings from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm. The first call will take place on Monday, January 7, 2008 at 8pm. The call-in number is (616) 712-8000. The access code is 708030, followed by the # sign. Feature keys are as follows: * 3 to exit the call, * 4 for instructions, and * 6 to mute/unmute your phone.

Items for discussion:

We need volunteers to coordinate regionally, to run as delegates, to help with petitioning, to set up fundraisers and events, to do media outreach, and to do outreach to different organizations and groups with interests that are in line with Dennis’ platform.

We could really use volunteers to be regional coordinators for overseeing and helping several districts in each region. I think it would be helpful to set up committees for each of these aspects of the campaign.

The committees would be as follows:

Delegate Committee – need delegates for each congressional district in PA, as well as people to help with petitioning for the candidates and helping to promote their delegate campaigns in their districts. Also need someone to be the “go-to” person to help with questions for the delegates, and to keep track of filing deadlines, signature counts, and rules and coordination of the filing of the petitions.

Fundraising Committee – need volunteers to help coordinate fundraisers through events, house parties, emailing, phone calling, etc. Also need volunteer to assist in accounting and campaign finance issues and compliance.

Events Committee – need volunteers to plan and organize events, concerts, speaking engagements, etc. around Pennsylvania to raise awareness of and funds for the campaign. Also will need to set up events for Dennis to appear and speak when he comes through prior to the primary.

Media Committee – need volunteers to do letter writing, op-ed articles, contact radio and television outlets, set up interviews, etc. to promote the campaign in Pennsylvania. (Volunteers will be briefed by the national communications and media team.)

Outreach Committee – need volunteers to represent the campaign in approaching and speaking with different groups and organizations that support different aspects of Dennis’ platform, such as: the Peace Community, Healthcare Workers, Educators, Students, GLBT Community, Environmental groups, Labor Unions, Veterans, Senior Citizens, etc. Surrogate speakers will be offered training.

Please tell us what you would be interested in volunteering for and where you think you could best provide support for Dennis.

Please consider running as a delegate candidate, and encourage anyone you know who would be interested to consider doing the same. We really need delegates in all districts.

The decision to run as a delegate must be made as soon as possible. Deadlines are quickly approaching.

To download your Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support forms, use this link.

This campaign is all about getting the votes for Dennis and for your local delegates to represent him at the Democratic Convention in Denver in 2008.

We also would encourage you to look for Kucinich meetups in your area and join together with people in your area to coordinate locally and get out the word about Dennis in your communities. To find a meetup near you: click here.

If you have any questions, or need any help with anything, please let me know what I can do to help. If you are interested in running as a delegate, please contact me as soon as possible. Please try to attend the conference calls so that we may connect to get things rolling in Pennsylvania.

Thanks for your help and your support!


Christy Lewis
PA State Coordinator
Kucinich for President

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