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I have a Dream T-shirt, 2007


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Encouraging ACLU on impeachment

I Like That Old Time ACLU
Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2007-09-25 18:15, at

We’ll be posting below updated information on the ACLU’s history, its current position, and your efforts to persuade it to back impeachment….

Nov. 14, 2007: ACLU of Southern California calls for impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Here is a PDF one-page 3-fold flyer consisting of excerpts from the ACLU’s 1973 pamphlet. This is a powerful tool. No changes are needed to make clear what the duty of every American and the ACLU is today. This was put together by Cheryl Biren-Wright. Download here.

The ACLU placed a full page ad in the New York Times calling for President Nixon’s impeachment. The ad “asked readers to write their representatives in Congress, make a contribution to the ACLU, and join if not already a member.” The response was overwhelming and “[o]ver 25,000 new members joined in 1973 alone, driving the ACLU’s membership to an all-time high of 275,000.” Continue reading

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ACLU Panel Urges Impeachment Over NSA Spying

By Monisha Bansal Staff Writer
February 21, 2006

( – While White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asserting Monday that the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program was a vital tool in the war against terrorism, a panel assembled by the American Civil Liberties Union was arguing that President Bush should be impeached over the spying program.

“If the political alignment in the country were otherwise, impeachment would be a no-brainer,” said Laurence H. Tribe, professor of constitutional law at Harvard University.

In December, the New York Times disclosed that President Bush had authorized the NSA to tap international telephone calls that included one party suspected of terrorist activity. Continue reading

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The Anti-Crusader

By Josh Harkinson
Mother Jones via Truthout

Tuesday 20 November 2007

Mikey Weinstein fights those who push evangelical Christianity in the military—and draws decidedly unchristian responses.

At Mikey Weinstein’s home in the suburbs of Albuquerque, the picture window in the living room has been twice shot out. Sometimes Weinstein opens his front door to find dead animals on his porch, feces smeared on his walls, or slashes in his tires. Men have called to threaten his daughter, women to chant rhymes about shooting him in the head, small children to inform him that he will burn in hell. To his critics, he says, “Take a number, pack a picnic lunch, and stand in line.” He’s not going anywhere, and neither is his 5’6″ ex-Marine security guard, Shorty.

Weinstein is the middle rung in three generations of soldiers. A former Air Force JAG and White House attorney for Ronald Reagan, he has adopted a shock-and-awe approach to battling efforts by the military to impress Christianity upon American soldiers. “We have the Christian Taliban and the Christian Al Qaeda inside our military,” says Weinstein, the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, “and they really have WMD, unlike Saddam.” Continue reading

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