Have you noticed that while the local papers seem quite responsive to area news and even many personal views, the positions of the majority of their syndicated columnists are hopelessly backward-looking and narrow-minded?  Whether the topic is health care, climate change, living wage, social improvement, or the Iraq war, these can invariably be counted on to be resistant and obstructive to practically any consideration of change or progress.

This, of course, is not the spirit and attitude on which our nation was founded, indeed, as those familiar with the writings of the founders well know, quite the opposite.  There are many analysts and commentators capable of suggesting new ideas and approaches that could help lead us all forward instead of backward, as we probably agree, has been the case for far too many years now.

Who has not felt in the air and in their bones the desperate, crying need for fresh, new, creative, and relevant ideas and proposals to meet the numerous challenges of the times in which we live?  Instead, we get presented with stale, old, mind-numbing, obsolete concepts from such national opinion- makers.  Certainly the American public and residents of this area desire and deserve much better than that.  Why don’t we all politely but emphatically request our papers and other local media for needed improvement in this civic matter?

In order to welcome new, vital understandings we often have to let go of former, outmoded ones.  We just can’t move, can we, both forward and backward at the same time!  What things are you welcoming or letting go of in your personal or cultural life?  What new ideas do you think need to be envisioned and proposed between now and the November 4, 2008 elections?  Thanks for considering it; I await all replies.







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  1. nathaniel

    I’m glad to find this here whether or not it’s published in the Daily Local, to which it applies so well. Most columnists are so predictable, Stossel for example always sounding in a time warp about free trade. I do think Goodman is thoughtful and original; Will sometimes makes one think. What do you suppose awaits us with ex-senator Rick in the Inquirer? More insights about how bad it is for children (such as himself) when both parents have to work for a living in the new (free trade, outsource-threatened) economy?

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