Praise the Constitution and Pass the Ammunition

(from our correspondent in Iraq)

One day as I was walking around the hospital I noticed all the boxes of little camouflage-covered pocket Bibles lying around. The same people who put Bibles in motels — the Gideons — send New Testaments to Army bases all over the world. It occurred to me that I didn’t swear to protect the Bible when I joined the Army (nobody does), I (we) swore to protect the Constitution of the United States.

So, troublemaker that I am, I conducted a little poll and found that virtually no one could name more than 2 amendments to the Constitution — most people have no idea what actual freedoms they were defending — or for that matter, what freedoms they have been giving up lately. I mentioned this to my cousin, who sent over a few little pocket books that contained the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a little American history thrown in. I set these on a table in the clinic waiting room and was glad to see people reading them and even discussing them.

I gave a couple to people with whom I have had spirited political arguments (pointing out to them that the Constitution protects our right to argue, and even encourages it), and soon the books were all gone. Then, a friend of my cousin sent me a few, and then one of the troops contacted the publisher and bought 300 of them. They’re going like hotcakes. It’s just a matter of time before I get court-martialed for spreading liberal propaganda.

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