General gets it right on oil

This letter in the 9/24/07 Inquirer, though intended to bolster the Bush position, says it better in the last paragraph than even Alan Greenspan (“I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.”). One might draw the opposite conclusion from the General’s: if oil dependency leads us to occupy foreign countries, maybe oil dependency is a bad thing.

No quick pullout

The American public is not being well served by the news media regarding the serious consequences that would follow for the United States and other Western democracies from a sudden military withdrawal from Iraq.

The media feed the public, on a daily basis, reports of car bombings and casualties and not enough on the strategic implications of our current situation. The dominant military power in the region is Iran, and it is ready to exert hegemony over there if we succumb to the desires of those who want us prematurely out of Iraq.

As long as the West is dependent on oil for the functioning of its economy, we cannot let a nation that is hostile to our interests and has significant military power dominate the region.

James C. Dever Jr.
Brigadier General USAF (Ret.)
Ocean City

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