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Dear Friends and Activists,

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In this alert we will propose a plan of action, which if we execute it faithfully, WILL result in the impeachment of Vice President Cheney by the end of the summer. So please read on, we think this is VERY important strategic stuff.

But first we want to let you know that thanks to your kind donations, and following your suggestions, we were able to run blog ad action buttons for the National Cheney Impeachment Poll (with now more than 55,000 submissions) in 8 more progressive blogs this week, TalkingPointsMemo, FireDogLake, BartCop, TheSmirkingChimp, CliffSchecter, onegoodmove, Pandagon and TheCarpetbaggerReport. We want to add CrooksAndLiars among others to the movement this coming week, and DailyKos (which also got many mentions from you) the week after that if you will keep the donations coming, and we know you will.


And especially if you have other ideas, please email to us as we are making the ad buying decisions based on your input.

Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff to the summer season, and we are planning a kickoff of the biggest impeachment initiative ever. More and more people have begun to realize that the core problem with Congress is getting them to actually CONFRONT the Cheney administration.

That’s right, we said the Cheney administration. Whether even he knows it or not, Bush has made no actual decisions since he was first installed. And if it weren’t for the talking points they give him to rehearse, he would not be able to complete a logical sentence in English in public. He can barely do that as it is.

At the same time we recognize, and as demonstrated by the vote on the Iraq supplemental capitulation, that about half the Democratic members of Congress and most of the Republicans are basically throwaways in terms of actually standing up for we the people. And we are even now hearing widespread talk of primary challenges on the basis of this one vote alone.

Indeed, if we can get them to understand that the people will no longer buy their shuck and jive then any policy change is possible. So primary challenges will be the first and fastest way to let them know that their failure to act represents real political career jeopardy for them.

Our experience in the last election cycle teaches us that nothing is more important in winning an election campaign, whether in a primary or a general election, than having organized boots on the ground. With enough warm bodies in place whatever money is needed will come. Regardless of what else we do we need to spend the next 6 months building a cadre of seasoned canvassers, the core of a volunteer activist campaign oriented base. And we have an incredible opportunity to use the National Cheney Impeachment Poll as a vehicle to do just that.


If each one of the people who has ALREADY submitted a vote in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll were to print out just one of the vote sheets above, and collect just 20 votes from their friends and neighbors, we’d be over a million votes, bam, just like that. And at the same time, those who do the best job organizing this canvassing would naturally emerge as the actual candidates we need to turn the tide.

In short, on top of everything else, we are proposing using this vote collection drive as a way to TEST DRIVE your potential as a candidate or volunteer in a REAL election, and to use that opportunity to get invaluable “on street” training. Just print out some of the vote sheets above, grab a clip board and some pens, and you’re ready to rock.

We had one volunteer in Hollywood, CA this afternoon at one of the larger health food markets, and in just about an hour they filled up one of these vote sheets with 20 votes. This is going to be EASY. All you have to do is say to people, “Hello . . . will you vote in the Cheney impeachment poll?”, and hold up your clip board so they can see the sign up sheet. If the name Cheney catches 10% of their ears you will quickly be able to engage and mobilize the people in your community who will speak out, and before we know it, the base of the future will be built.

No matter where you go to collect votes, you are just NOT going to find a lot of people who don’t think Cheney should be impeached. Based on his current approval rating (if not his impeachable crimes) there is zero chance he will ever break 10% in this poll (we’re currently running 99.36% YES in favor of impeachment). You can tell people we are not asking if he WILL be impeached, we are asking if he should be impeached. The most important thing to remember if you are going to participate in this is


The other side knows they can only win by skewing the vote. All we have to do to win is ensure the vote is not skewed.


Wherever you decide to do this, if it is a place of business FIRST seek out the premises manager and ask their permission to collect signatures for the poll. Emphasize that this is a poll, and people can freely vote either way, and you can also suggest you will only be doing it for an hour or so. Then introduce yourself to the security where you will be standing and tell them the name of the manager who gave you permission.

We don’t have to sell people on impeachment. Anybody who is remotely paying attention should jump at the opportunity to speak out on this. For those who rush by, trying to keep their heads down, just let them go, and trust that we will get them also, as they hear more and more about the National Cheney Impeachment Poll. We don’t have to chase any votes around the block.

You will meet people who are very gung ho. Of the 20 people who signed with our volunteer this afternoon, two were into it enough that they were given blank sign up sheets to make their own copies of and collect signatures on their own. So carry extra sign up sheets for this purpose. This thing can spread like wildfire if we just get out there.

You are probably already thinking of your own creative places to collect votes, people in your apartment building, your school, office, church, lines at movie theaters, swap meets, anywhere that people gather. You should be welcome everywhere as long as you keep it straight, and act as the impartial pollster. If people ask your own personal position, feel free to tell them, but emphasize that all votes are accepted and duly entered.

There are instructions on the vote gathering sheet to tell you what to do with the entries you collect, of which the email address is critical. We will be using this to confirm their vote by email. Therefore, one more thing cannot be overemphasized


We don’t want to lose any votes to scribbled or ambiguously written email addresses. Is it a “two” or is it the letter “Z”, is it a “one” or is it the letter “L”, is it a “zero” or is it the letter “O”, etc. Make sure you yourself can read all entries so that you can accurately enter them on the web input form we are providing. If necessary, make additional small notes on the sheets to remind yourself of the correct spellings.

And when you finish go back and thank the premises manager for their gracious hospitality, so that our next volunteer will also be welcome.

Once we get a million votes things will start to snowball, and we can put serious pressure on our members of Congress, and let them know that fulfilling the duty of impeachment is the only way for them to keep their jobs. With that many key mobilized activists we can have impact on every election in the next cycle, and we will find many ways of letting them know what they are in for long before that.

Nothing in this alert should be construed as advocating for or against a particular candidate in any particular race. Until we actually mobilize we will not know who will step up to the plate and who will not. But we need to mobilize just as hard EVERYWHERE regardless, for none can be counted on unless we do.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

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