We do endorse people (Linda Maxwell to DLN, re WCASB)

Regarding the article: “WCASB to hold public interviews” (Daily Local, 2/14/07.

I note Rogers Vaughn is quoted as saying: “There was no one I could refer them to in the Democratic Party. The Republican committee does endorse people and works for them.”

I’m very surprised by this statement. In 2006, local voters voted predominantly for Democrats Governor Rendell, Senator Casey, Congressman Joe Sestak, State Senator Dinniman, and State Representative Barb McIlvaine Smith. Does Mr. Vaughn think these candidates won without the support of a local Democratic party?

The Democratic Committee of Chester County is listed in the phone book. It has been in the same location for many years.

WCASB candidate Deb Liczwek called the Democratic office, and was referred on to Chair Michele Vaughn (not related to Rogers Vaughn) and to East Bradford Citizens for Democracy, activists in East Bradford, where Liczwek lives. Mr. Vaughn could have done the same.

Yes, the Democratic committee does endorse people and works for them! We saw the results in 2006 and will see more in 2007.

Linda Maxwell
East Bradford

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