Take Off the Blinders (by Dianne Herrin in DLN, 2/23/07, re Iraq and blind allegiance)

I’d like to suggest that Mr. Pourreau (“How our political system works,” Feb. 8 ) start practicing what he’s preaching and go to Iraq to fight George Bush’s so-called “legitimate” war. Maybe when he finds himself mired in chaos, corruption and suffering, he’ll begin to question his allegiance to Bush and his Big Oil policies.

Throughout history, it has been the people who question government leaders and policies and demand transparency who have made our country stronger and freer. Blind allegiance is the path of least resistance, but it’s also the path that gives government leaders free reign to abuse their power at the great expense of the citizens, the country, and in the case of George W. Bush, the people of Iraq.

Dianne Herrin
West Chester

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Filed under Iraq, Publications by SEPA residents

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