Jaworski on Webb

Webb, I submit, is, or could be, the party’s future. (And apparently with his face-of-the-party rebuttal selection, the party powers-that-be may agree.)

He offers a compelling mix of Edwards’ “Two America’s” Populism and McCain’s military family credibility. Plus his delivery and demeanor capture a gutsy, truth-to-power and independent brand of patriotism that is a tonic for an America suffering from lie-fatigue.

In addition, he has already shown a remarkable facility for creating memorable public moments by way of carefully selected props — the son’s boots, and last night, his father’s taken-nightly-to-bed airman’s photo.

In total, I would characterize this writer and significant thinker as one of the most compelling political personas to hit the scene in quite some time. Best of luck to him.

Kurt Jaworski

(special to Progressive Network)


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