Against privatizing plan

Karen Porter in the Daily Local News, 1/19/07
With regard to privatizing the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I absolutely disagree with Governor Rendell on this issue (as I also disagree with him on state-sponsored gambling).

Crucial infrastructure elements, such as our highways, should be government responsibilities and should never be privatized. The same principle applies, at the national level, to Social Security, Medicare, and (someday) healthcare in general (which should be a single-payer, federal program like that in Canada and other civilized countries that put human needs first).

Sadly, we keep seeing public responsibilities “privatized” as our country continuously pours formerly public money into two places: (1) Rich people’s pockets (in the form of regressive tax cuts) and (2) that vast, murderous sinkhole called “war” (in Iraq and other places, such as,most likely Iran).

I am not sure what any governor can do in the face of overwhelmingly desperate financial odds because of disastrous, insane federal policies – but privatizing our infrastructure is not the solution, and I implore others of all political parties to express disapproval of privatizing our infrastructure, as well as growing welfare programs for the rich and murderous wars.

Karen Porter
West Chester


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