Things change and evolve

Letter by David Long in the Daily Local News, 12/5/06

A well-meaning writer in yesterday’s Letters To the Editor of the Daily Local News referred to the differences in approach between reelected Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator Rick Santorum.

There are indeed both personal, private morality and also public, civic morality; both are necessary, and consensus often shifts back and forth between the two.

I appreciate the writer’s obvious concern, but there is also the continuum between a forward-looking, progressive morality and a backward-looking, resistant morality.

Perhaps Pennsylvanians and most Americans expressed in this past November election that they have grown tired of basically past answers to very present and future problems.

Most people, for instance, no longer believe that the Earth was created in seven literal days as found in the book of Genesis or that a son who rebukes his father should be stoned to death as is mandated in the book of Leviticus. Things change, develop, and evolve (yes, evolve) over time. To be stuck only in the past is to be unable to fully and adequately address and solve the issues of the present.

One could go on about specifics and argue them this way or that. However, it often boils down not so much to where we now stand but rather in what direction are we facing–forward or backward.

Who will help carry the banner into a better, bigger, and brighter tomorrow is probably not known right now. It may not be Sen. Clinton, but it will almost certainly not be former Sen. Santorum.

the Rev. David W. Long
West Chester


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